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Sharing: 1031 Exchange Manual

1031s fell out of fashion about eight years ago after the economic downturn but as the housing market is getting its breath back 1031s have an environment to blossom once again.

While my referral preferences for a Qualified Intermediary is either Starker Services Inc. or the law firm of McFerran, Burns & Stovall, it’s wise to be aware of information from a variety of  sources. What I’m sharing here is an extensive post called 1031 Exchange Manual  posted by 1031 Corporation which I recently re-read. Much of this is heady, the nuances of which are best discussed with a Qualified Intermediary of your choice but this information will open your mind about the many workings of the 1031 exchange.

My eyes and ears remain open for conversations about the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange and I will continue to share.